Phaistos Networks is a provider of services for managing and delivery interactive advertisements, though its Adman Platform (adserver).


The Adman Platform is using browser cookies for delivering the advertisements to the right users.

Cookies are tiny text files, sent to the computer of the viewers when they visit web sites utilizing the Adman Service for managing their web-spaces inventory. The cookies are sent only if the users/visitors have chosen to accept cookies, through the options configuration of their browser.

Those cookies are in no way used for recording private / personal information, nor they interfere or examine any files on their computers. They are used only for tracking the uniqueness of the viewer, helping Adman to decide which advertisement should be displayed to them when they view web pages.


If you wish to delete any cookies sent by Adman to your browser and cancel the receipt of any future cookies from the service, click on the OptOut button below:

Through OptOut procedure a new unique ADMAN OptOut cookie is installed in your computer so as to technically achieve preventing future installation of the ADMAN cookies. In case you delete the ADMAN OptOut cookie you must repeat from the start the OptOut process of preventing new ADMAN cookies.

If after the OptOut process you wish to accept ADMAN cookies again in your computer, you should click the OptIn button above.

If you are unable to perform the cookies blocking procedure using the detailed instructions provided within this page, our support department will be more than happy to help you with it. You may contact us through mail at or call us : +30-28920-27800.

Phaistos Networks advices all web-sites using the ADMAN platform for delivery and management of their inventory to inform their visitors regarding the opt-out facility by linking to this page.